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EDUSA Information

Organization Information

Extreme Dreams USA (EDUSA) was founded by Richard “Enigma” Hervey and established as a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization in 2017 in order to use music to serve disadvantage students in his community. Richard “Enigma” Hervey Founder & CEO of Extreme Dreams, USA, a multimedia producer, speaker, music education advocate, and Founder & CEO of Lion’s Den Productions: A Media Company specializing in music and video production, studio engineering, artist development, and management. Over the course of over two decades, Mr. Hervey has worked with numerous multi-platinum artists and music executives. His experience has given him the wisdom and know-how to mentor aspiring musicians and develop strategies for the release of independent projects.


  • Alphi Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc,
  • Jason Gillespie – Grammy nominated producer/Ardent Studio Recording Engineer, American Recording Studio
  • RobenX – Rap Hip Hop artist Anti Bullying Advocate,
  • Dr. Marrio Smiles, DDS,
  • Diamond Productions Concert Event Company Los Angeles, California
  • WIAN Radio – Independent internet radio station, and a variety of local musicians.


Mr. Hervey has been on both the positive and negative side of the music industry. From being locked in a bad contract to overcoming other adversities and becoming a successful music producer that has worked with notable artists such as Al Green and Lupe Fiasco. He learned multiple lessons during his career, but the most profound lesson was “Ignorance is much more expensive than Knowledge.” EDUSA will provide the Knowledge necessary to bridge the gap. Our students just need a positive attitude and a healthy work ethic, and EDUSA will provide them with the tools they need.

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Research has shown the following benefits to studying music:

Music Benefit
  1. Making music together builds unity (2023, June. Ford, L. Scissors, J.)
  2. Extracurricular music activities help positive youth development. (2023, January. Elari, B. and Cho, E.)
  3. Math learning happens naturally while music making. (American Mathematical Society Site, retrieved 2023, June)
  4. Music that matters to youth benefits their mental health and connection. (2022, July. Pinada A.)
  5. Listening to music helps retain vocabulary. (2022, May. Nie , et al.)
  6. Music helps our memory. (2022, April. Dutta, Time Magazine)
  7. Music reduces stress in all ages. (2022, April. Meyers, et. al)
  8. Musical training makes the brain stronger. (2018, December. Habibi, et al.)
  9. Science and Music need each other (2018, November. Amsen, E.)
  10. Learning beats improves reading skills.  (2013, May. Goswami et al.)